People Share Their Most Mortifying Childhood Moment

When I think of my childhood I normally have good thoughts but when it comes to my pre-teen and high school years, they down right sucked. I mean, I wasn’t bullied like the kids are being bullied today (no thanks to you, social media) but I was picked on, ridiculed and even had one or two embarrassing falls and fails. I had a huge problem with acne when I was 13, a horrific haircut that I should never have had and let’s just say I also made some questionable choices while shopping at my two favorite stores, 5*7*9 and Contempo Casuals.

Still, I’m sure we all have a good story to tell from our miserable teen years. Thankfully, there are some people out there that are brave enough to share their troubled moments for everyone to read on the internet. Some are so embarrassing that I can’t help but cringe for the person a little.

Credit: Shutterstock/pathdoc

Here are just a few of the most embarrassing childhood and teen moments we’ve ever heard!

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