Parents Arrested After Their Baby Was Found Abandoned in a Parking Lot

Is there ever a good time to leave your child unattended in a locked car for a few minutes? It depends on who you ask. But what about leaving an unattended baby in the middle of a parking lot with no parent or guardian in sight? I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you the answer to that one.

Yet, people still do this all the time. And I’m not joking, either. I just don’t understand how some parents expect their critics to believe that they forgot their child at a grocery store, at school, or heck even at home or inside their car in the driveway. I just don’t get it! Surely, if you are the kind of parent that I am, you are constantly going to check to see if your child is doing fine and is safe in the back seat of your car, right? I mean, wouldn’t you be concerned if your child didn’t make a peep for 45 minutes straight?!

Credit: Pixabay

Well, that wasn’t the case for these parents after what they did to their 8-month-old son!

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