Here’s Why Some Parents Are Outraged by the New Tablet Ban on Flights

I often travel on long-haul flights with my children, and I’ll admit it, it’s tough. If they’re not sleeping then they are constantly wanting your attention. Mix in the fact that you’re stuck in the middle of a plane with very little movement, you’re tired and jet lagged, and beyond cranky. And yet your toddler wants YOU to tell them a story, read them a book, color with them, give them attention, take care of the boo boo that’s on their finger, explain why the man sitting next you is snoring loudly, (and I can go on and on an on). It’s no wonder that so many parents give in by handing their kid an electronic device like a tablet, phone, or a laptop just to give them a break. I mean, there’s only so much patience one has on an 8-hour nonstop flight!

That’s why there are a lot of angry parents sounding off on President Donald Trump’s new electronic ban on certain flights originating overseas that fly to the U.S. In fact, some people are so pissed about this that they’ve taken to their Twitter accounts to complain to the President. Yes, it’s that BIG of a problem!

tablet ban
Credit: Twitter/@AbiBb9

Do you think the electronics ban is fair to parents?

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