These Parents Allowed Their 6 Year Old Son To Get Plastic Surgery Because Of Extreme Bullying

We all know how horrible bullying is and the long lasting effects it can have on the child who is being bullied.  I feel very fortunate that none of my kids have ever really experienced bullying and I’m not sure what I’d do if they were. I know my first instinct would be to go in to full ‘mama bear’ mode though and do everything in my power to make the bullying stop.

And that’s exactly what one family did when their 6 year old son found himself the victim of relentless teasing of school mates who said that his ears stuck out too much. Gage Berger is a 6 year old boy who says he deals with constant name calling due to his ears. He told Inside Edition that kids would say ‘”That I look like an elf and I have weird ears.”




To help Gage feel more confident and to hopefully save him from a lifetime of being taunted, his parents took Gabe to a plastic surgeon to have his ears pinned back.

Gabe and his parents visited a plastic surgeon in Salt Lake City to have the procedure done, a fairly common surgery that takes only about 2 hours to complete, and it’s clear once the bandages have been removed that Gage is loving his new look. This smile tells us that this surgery was the right decision for Gage.




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