These Moms ‘Hit The Quan’ And ‘Nae Nae’ To Give Their Kids A Big Surprise At Their High School Pep Rally

A group of Steele High School moms decided that they wanted to participate in their kids high school upcoming pep rally to cheer on the football team, so they decided to choreograph their very own dance routine and perform it in front of the entire school!

Football player C.J. Williams’ mom April was the lead mom who decided she wanted to do something for her son and his team just before their first playoff game and explained to Cosmo why she thought this would be fun. “The boys are doing really well this year and we wanted to something to show our support for them.”

The 11 moms proceeded to practice their routine, set to ‘Watch Me’ and ‘Hit The Quan’ in secret, surprising everyone when they hit that gym floor during the pep rally. The ladies walked out in to the gym wearing masks on their faces, and when the finally took them off, revealing who they were, the kids in the audience loved it! The moms enlisted the help of one of the school’s students, Jada Brown, who choreographed the dance for them and made sure they had all the dance moves down!

Mom Melissa Fields said that while the moms were nervous about the reaction from their sons, there were hugs and high fives all around when they finished. “I think my son’s first reaction was, ‘You’ve gotta be kidding me — Dad, why did you let Mom sign up for this.”

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