These Miscarriage Cards Are Beautiful and Needed To Be Sent To Anyone Who Has Suffered A Pregnancy Loss

It is really hard to talk about pregnancy loss, I personally even if I know someone is pregnant never ask anything unless they offer information. There really is no “right” thing to say. But once we do know and have the news of a loved one’s miscarriage or stillbirth, the only wrong thing to do is nothing.

Clinical psychologist Jessica Zucker, PhD has launched a line of CARDS FOR PREGNANCY LOSS  meant to fill the void. Dr.  Zucker is a psychologist who specialized in women's reproductive and maternal mental health.  Dr. Zucker experienced  it herself with a 16-week miscarriage. She shared it on Twitter with a powerful #IHadAMiscarriage hashtag campaign.

She wrote on her website, this is meant to be "honoring the subsequent feelings and puncturing the cultural silence."

The nine beautiful and touching $5 cards also include ones for those pregnant after having suffered a loss and for those who lost a child in delivery or gave birth to a stillborn baby.

Will you purchase a card for a friend or family member in the future?


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