Would You Use These Popular New Baby Names?

Whether you’re expecting a baby in the near future or a seasoned parent who is done having kiddos, it’s always fun to look through lists of children’s name and see what’s different, the same, or the names that are so out of the box that you can only picture it for a celeb child (you know the kind I’m talking about).

Some are inspired by our current culture, some names are cyclical and some are simply based on family heritage. Either way, there are some pretty spectacular names being predicted to the at the top of all the popularity lists in the coming years.

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You will never guess the names that are topping all the popular baby names lists!

1. Royal Names

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Many royal names are increasing in popularity for females in 2017, according to The List and one comes straight from history and one from Game of Thrones. 

2. Reign

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Reign, is fit for a royal princess or a prince. One of our favorite celebrities has given their little boy the royal name, Reign — little Reign Disick.

3. Aria

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Another name fit for a royal is popular because of one of our favorites from the strong-willed vengeful Stark fam on Game of Thrones, Aria. The name is really pretty but not too princess-like if that’s not your thing. 

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