These Are The Worst Parenting Mistakes We’re All Guilty Of

Crying baby

Crying baby


There are some days in which I really feel like a crappy mother. I mean, I could repeat myself over and over (and over) again and I feel like my children just don’t get it unless I blow my lid and become that monster mama you usually see on the Cartoon Network. Parenting is no walk in the park, but that’s something we already know too well, right?

Well, there’s a new study that lists all of the worst parenting mistakes we’ve been making that might ultimately hurt our children in the long wrong. While I’m proud to say that I’m not guilty of ALL of these, there are a few that make me put my head to shame. While I try to never give them too many choices (because we all know how that usually ends), I’ll admit that I sometimes do over schedule them and go into major helicopter parenting mode at the playground.

Check out the LIST of MISTAKES!!


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