These Are The ‘Sexiest’ Halloween Costumes For Moms This Year

Oh dear. I think I fall into about every category on this list!

The good lot at Toulose and Tonic have given us the top “sexiest mom” costumes for Halloween this year and let me tell you, these are on point! Because there’s nothing sexier than a mom carrying a pooper scooper in her leopard-print bathrobe at 6:45 in the morning, am I not right?!?!

Check out some of these hilarious ideas:

Meredith.Maid_.graphic Kim.camper.graphic Jessica.homeschoolgraphic Ellen.pooperscooper.graphic Deva.hotmess.graphic Paige.preggo.graphicwithbow Brenna.hazmathottie.graphic Terri.Shortordercook.graphic Suzanne.trashcan.graphic

Honestly, if these are considered costumes, then it must be Halloween 365 a year in my house because I don’t need to drive to my local Haloween outlet store to buy an overprice Princess Leia robe this year. I’ve got each and every one of these looks in my closet. Ha!

And BTW, I am the shagalicious short order cook. Everyday, people. Everyday. Also, where’s the carpool queen?!?! And how about school drop-off mom?

Tell us Hot Moms, what are you dressing up as this year for Halloween?

Source via Toulouse and Tonic

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