There Is Now A ‘PMS Package’ Subscription Box To Make You Feel Better When You Have Your Period

Beauty box subscriptions have been quite the thing for a while now (personally I love them) but there’s a new subscription box geared towards women that’s gaining a lot of popularity lately – the PMS Package!

According to their website, the PMS Package, ‘strives to ensure you are comforted at your time of the month. We provide all your wants and cravings delivered specifically when you need it most. From different assortments of candy to your favorite movies, our packages have it all! We have three select packages for you to choose from; mini, featured, and executive.’

You guys, this is brilliant! You’d think that it was woman who thought this masterful piece of marketing up, but it was actually two 19 year old guys who are the brains behind the PMS Package! Ashton Onesko and Luke Buchy created the genius subscription box as a method of comforting women during their period. Onesko told PEOPLE “Our packages change every month. We supply our boxes with goodies from the theme of the month or holiday. We have chocolate, lotions, candles, stuffed animals, fuzzy socks, candies and much more.”

The idea came from Buchy’s younger sister and he used social media to grow his following.  With 3 different package options that range from $12.99 to $34.99, subscribers can choose the PMS Package they want.

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