The Verdict Is In: Same-Sex Parents Spend More Quality Time With Their Children


A lot of my mom friends wonder why I don’t take any time out of my busy schedule to spend a little “me” time by myself. Honestly, between school, their activities, sports clubs and homework, I have very little time to think about my needs and somehow prioritize their lives over mine. It’s just the way the ball is rolling right now and while I know this stage in our lives won’t last forever, it’s sure kicking me in the tush in the meantime.

But do I regret dedicating every last minute that I have to my children? Absolutely not. Cuddling with my kids or doing a puzzle together is way more enjoyable than getting a pedicure.

Now, believe it or not, there’s a new study that says same-sex parents spend more time with their kids than any other couple. Female partners often spend 40 percent more time in engaged child-focused activities than different-sex parents do.

According to Yahoo Parenting, lead study author Kate Prickett says, “By child-focused activities, we mean time spent engaged with children in activities that support their physical and cognitive development, such as reading to them, playing with them, helping with homework, bathing them, and taking them to the doctor.”

She added, “It also includes time parents spent in teacher-parent meetings and taking children to extracurricular activities. It did not include activities such as watching television with children or doing housework while a child was around.”

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