The Sneaky Chef

By: Patricia Walters-Fischer RN

Circle CookiesDid you ever have chocolate chip cookies with white beans and wheat germ?

Have you ever tried meatballs with yams in them?

What about pizza with zucchini?

If you’ve worked from The Sneaky Chef—Simple Strategies for Hiding Health Foods in Kids Favorite Meals, you’ve discovered these recipes are not only wonderful, but wonderfully good for you.

“I was desperate to get my kids to eat healthier foods,” explains Missy Chase Lapine AKA The Sneaky Chef. “I started to experiment with things and it developed and snowballed into this.”

With culinary training and as a former publisher for Eating Well magazine, Missy is no stranger with food and that’s despite her upbringing. “I was raised by a bachelor father who couldn’t toast bread,” but her grandmother always had great food ready that Missy described as “simple family comfort foods.”

While growing up, she played competitive tennis and “was aware of the impact of food on my body. There were foods that would take me all the way through the match and there were foods that wouldn’t.” Becoming aware of good nutrition has aided her on the journey of becoming the Sneaky Chef, but how did she get started?

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