The Snack Game Has Changed: New Creme-Filled Oreo Churros Have Arrived

This has to be one of the craziest Oreo concoctions I have seen in a long time

Last year Oreo debuted the crunchy churros last year, well J&J Snack Foods who are the leading maker of churros in the U.S. has upped their game even further, with their new bite-sized creme-filled churros, which are found in the frozen dessert section of the supermarket.

“We were overwhelmed by the national buzz surrounding the original OREO Churros, so immediately began working on a product line extension so that the snack was available to dippers or grippers,” the company’s CEO said in a press release, continuing, “we feel confident the portfolio now fits into any snacking occasion.”

We love the idea of having an Oreo churro “portfolio”, and when you really think about it, it only makes sense that they be creme-filled: It adds to their authentic Oreo-ness.

oreo churros


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