The Revolutionary New Classroom Program That Will Change Everything

For those of us with school aged children we all know how hard it can be to motivate our kids sometimes, especially if the subject they’re learning is complicated or proving a bit difficult for them. We’ve also seen that when our kids are engaged or given tools that they’re interested in the classroom, the learning just becomes so much easier, and there’s less behavior issues to worry about. Let’s face it, kids who have to listen to a teacher speak to them for an entire 50 minute period might not absorb as much as a child who’s allowed to engage in hands on learning in the classroom.

Hot Wheels, a staple in my house since my first child was born, completely understands this and has now created a new program called Speedometry which is being used in classrooms to help teach kids science and math, and the results are amazing!

Imagine having your child go to school and get to use Hot Wheels cars and tracks to learn about math and scientific equations, and what happens when certain forces meet impacts and motion and all those other things that kids learn about in school?! But instead of them sitting in their desks while their teacher writes on a chalkboard, the teacher gets to actually show them how it all works using the cars and tracks. I can’t actually believe something like this hasn’t been done before because it just makes so much sense.

So basically, this is making STEM programs more hands on and interesting for kids, which we all know is the key to understanding and becoming more invested in school work. And not only do kids get to learn at school, but they can then go home and use their own Hot Wheels toys to continue the learning, even with other family members. This is the kind of homework I can get behind helping with!



Here is a way you can help out!

Go to Champions for Kids Digital Activation Campaign

Watch a video and download a free family information kit on Speedometry™ and $5 will be donated by Mattel to Champions for Kids, to help get essential resources to needy kids.

Brought to you by GoodXChange, Champions for Kids, Mattel Hot Wheels®

Take a look at this video talking a bit about the Speedometry program;


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