The Power of Gratitude

Cami Walker, newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, couldn’t even get out of bed — until she discovered how thankfulness and sharing could change her life.

By Cami Walker (not pictured)

Just 563 days ago, I was a resentful, frustrated and angry woman. I had just been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was unable to walk, work or enjoy life. I felt isolated and desperate. My new marriage was under great strain, and I truly believed that my life was in free–fall.

After months in this negative and frightening place, I was offered a way out of my misery — not by a doctor suggesting yet another drug treatment, but by a South African medicine woman named Mbali Creazzo. She suggested that if I stopped obsessing about myself and my problems, I would begin to feel some relief from this negative state of being.

One night on the phone, Mbali — my longtime spiritual mentor — bluntly told me, “Cami, you need to stop thinking about yourself for a while.”

At first I was defensive and even offended by her words, which seemed harsh at a time when I was struggling so much. But I decided to listen anyway as she gave me an uncommon prescription — to give away 29 gifts to others in 29 days. Mbali pointed out that, by giving, I was focusing on the things I was thankful for in life and the gifts I had to offer the world, rather than on what felt scarce in my life.

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