The Police Department Warns Parents Not to Let Their Children Eat This “Candy” For Halloween

 ecstasy candy

If your kids get these for Halloween candy, they ARE NOT CANDY!!!
They are the new shapes of “Ecstasy” and can kill kids through overdoses!!!
So, check your kid’s candy and “When in doubt, Throw it out!!!”
Be safe and always keep the shiny side up!!!

Posted by Jackson, MS Metro Police Department on Monday, October 19, 2015

I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid my parents never let me touch candy till they inspected it! I mean they told us it was to protect us, but I am sorry how many snickers are that suspicious, I remember we had to look for pin holes etc.. it was the 80’s 🙂

Well, every Halloween kids around the world bring home bags full of candy and most parents sort through to make sure there’s nothing unwrapped, removed from wrapper to make sure that it is safe.

Well, apparently the parents in Jackson, MS, need to be careful and aware!

On their Facebook page, Jackson, MS Metro Police Department posted a warning to parents with that there is a new form of MDMA, aka ecstasy. Parents need to check their child’s Halloween candy and throw away anything in any of these shapes in the photo as eating them can “kill kids through overdoses.”

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