The Picky Eater

The Picky Eater

By: Christine Sachse

I am many things, but first and foremost I like to think I am a really good mom. I have devoted my entire present day life to being the best mom I can for two beautiful kids.

Motherhood is not something I take lightly either. I actually started preparing for it a few years before it actually happened. After I got married, I quit the corporate world and went back to school and become a nutritionist. I figured this wonderful career would provide me with invaluable insight into the world of food (something I have since discovered kids eat a lot of) and also allow me to set my own hours, a perfect career for a future mom.

Well, child # 1 came along, a beautiful girl and I have to admit I did pretty much everything by the book (there are a lot of books out there mind you with differing viewpoints&) and it all worked. Her favourite food is tabouleh, loaded with parsley and tomatoes and lemon juice. She eats fruits, vegetables, whole grains and she even asks for more when I serve tofu. I figured that if we just do it right, all kids would end up like this.

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