The New American Girl Doll Is (Finally) Here and People Both Love and Hate It

My kids are huge American Girl Doll fans in our family. And while I love that they have great positive stories behind each doll, I’m not a huge fan of their prices (have you seen some of their accessories lately? YOWZA!). Despite my objections, my kids still love playing with their dolls and they absolutely love reading their books and watching their movies, too. I have to say that some of them are pretty inspirational.

Well now the American Girl Brand has just released some very exciting news about a new doll. And it’s one that you wouldn’t expect from the company. In fact, people already love and hate this doll. I personally find him quite cute and can see my kids asking me to buy him.

line of American Girl Dolls including Logan
Credit: American Girl Doll

Meet American Girl Brand’s newest addition…

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