The Mydols

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At age 42, after seeing Jack White (White Stripes) perform to a group of 30 school kids, I made a decision that most girls make at age 16. I decided I wanted to be a rock star. With no musical background I started The Mydols with a group of similarly minded and musically challenged neighborhood moms-Paige Gilbert, Pat McGough and Kara Rasmussen.


Over the summer of 2002 we all purchased our instruments. Who cared that none of us could play a note? It was full steam ahead and never mind the laundry! By the fall, we were throwin’ it down in bars, screaming “Soup’s on!” With homemade ditties like “Soccer Mom Stomp”, Take Out the Trash” and “Mydols Twist” it didn’t take long for metro Detroit to notice that there was something different about these Midwestern hausfraus. We had what one music critic called “riding the learning curve musical charm.” Before we could finish loading the last amp into our minivan, we were receiving calls from The Wall Street Journal, The Today Show and People Magazine.

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