The Must-Have Item Of The Season: A $55,000 Louis Vuitton Alligator Skin City Steamer Bag


I’ve always believed the saying that you shouldn’t buy a bag that is worth more than your monthly car payment. For instance, if your car payment or lease is $300 per month, than your bag shouldn’t be worth more than $300 either. Of course, this doesn’t apply to you if you’re super filthy rich and can afford your weight in gold. Or if you like to shop for knock-offs at Target (like me!).

But for those wondering, the “it” bag for the holiday season is this $55,000 Louis Vuitton Skin City Steamer tote. Yes, you read that price tag correctly and yes, it does cost more than a brand new Mercedes Benz.

The nude-colored number can be carried in hand, over the shoulder, or cross-body, and has ‘ample room for papers and files’ – and of course all of your Dollars, Euros and Pounds combined.

Apparently, exotic skins, like those from gators and crocodiles, can make bags worth 30 times more than those from cow leather.

Tell us Hot Moms, is a Louis Vuitton bag really worth your retirement plan? I think I’ll just admire it from a distance the next time I’m at the mall. Ha!

Source via The Daily Mail

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