The Muppets! My kids can finally see GREEN!

It is not a surprise that our family has a genuine love for the CLASSICS. Bring in the song, bring in the dance, bring in the laughter and bring ON the Maniacal LAUGH.

With much anticipation our entire family awaited the return of the Muppets.  Unlike some things that are a let down when they finally arrive, The Muppets

Jason Siegel is not only the central character of the film but he is also the writer of the script.  He’s written a piece that is a wonderful stand-alone movie but he has also paid great homage to the muppet films of the past and also “The Muppet Show.”

While my 3 and 4 year olds enjoyed the film and laughed at the sillier bits, people of my generation will feel like they’ve just had a wonderful reunion with some long lost friends. Fans of the originals will be charmed by their old favorites and will fall in love with the newest Muppet, Walter.

Celebrity cameos, as always, are in full force.  Always perfectly timed and always played for a laugh (even at the most poignant moment of the film).

There are catchy new tunes and some of our old favorites.  There are also current hit pop tunes sung by some of the most unlikely characters.

In the end, it’s a story of hope and acceptance that is full of heart.  And did i mention the (not just maniacal) laughs?


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