The mommy juggle

The mommy juggle

I’m trying everyday to get it right. I’m attempting to be present in the moment and rather than slugging through homework with my daughter- because really if I have to do another math word problem I think I may just spontaneously combust! Rather I try and look at these third grade math problems as an opportunity to spend quality time with her.

While she’s busy with homework my poor little four-year-old son gets the shaft and has only the TV to keep him occupied- so that I can cobble together a quickie dinner of you guessed it; nuked microwavable veggie chicken nuggets (Morning Star Farms rocks because well at least they’re soy based- which makes me feel just a tad less guilty about not cooking grilled chicken breasts). And if I’m lucky and have an inordinate amount of extra time on my hands- I might be able to steam up a little broccoli.

After I finally manage to get my son to eat a few bites, he begs me to sit and watch cartoons with him. Of course I’m a big cartoon junkie- but have a difficult time sitting through fifteen episodes of Scooby Doo consecutively. And yet when my son asks so sweetly if I can get under the covies, snuggle up next to him, and listen as Shaggy and Scooby go on another one of their crazy adventures- just how can I say no to that?!

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