The Middle School Years Suck The Worst


I can’t tell you much about my middle school years because honestly, it was one huge blur for me. Although I will say that I am extremely grateful to my parents for keeping me very busy during those crucial years of my life. I was part of a swim team, which meant I didn’t have much time for social activities and boredom because I was hitting the pool six days a week and sometimes twice a day, too. It’s a good thing too because I didn’t have the time or the energy to deal with middle school girl meanness.

Because let’s face it: middle school sucks. And no, I’m not talking about the teachers, classes and homework. I’m talking about 13-year-old, hormones, pimples and bullying. And as stressful as that time period is for a teen, it’s just as hard on moms, too. There’s a new report that says middle school definitely is the worst time for the entire family. Here’s a little more:


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