The Latest Instagram Craze Is Called ‘Rib Cage Bragging’ and It’s Super Scary

It seems like everywhere we turn, there’s a new trend popping up on Instagram and other social media. Some are harmless, like bottle flipping or the mannequin challenge. But unfortunately, a lot of the trends center around — you guessed it– women’s bodies. And those aren’t so harmless.

Thigh gaps left many women wondering if there was something wrong with them for having legs that touched together (newsflash: this is called having skin and your thighs touching is something totally normal, good grief) and thankfully, that trend died down.

Then, there was something called the “bambi” pose, which I had to look up, because I confess I had no idea what it was. It’s apparently that one pose you see a lot of social media influencers do, when they sit on their legs folded underneath them and look all demure and sexy…apparently, like Bambi? That’s gross if you ask me, but whatever. The post also tends to accentuate the booty, which is probably a lot of the appeal.

And now there’s an even worse trend sweeping social media and it’s probably going to horrify you.

Credit: Pexels

Learn all about rib caging (even if you don’t want to).

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Chaunie Brusie

Chaunie Brusie is a freelance writer, former magazine editor, author, mom of four, and a registered nurse with experience in OB, long-term and step-down care.

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