The Internet Thinks These Celebrities Are Related — but They’re Not

They are young, fabulous, famous and terribly rich. The entire world knows their name. In fact, their fans know almost everything about them – both personal and professionally. And while we think we know everything about our favorite Hollywood and television celebrities, there’s a lot that is uncovered. For instance, who is actually part of Hollywood’s ruling family dynasties while others had to work hard and crawl their way to the top.

For many celebrities, they might look like and even have the same last names, but they come from totally different worlds. Here are just a few celebrities that the Internet thinks is related – but they are actually not!

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Credit: Instagram/@mariolopez; Shutterstock/Tinseltown;

These celebrities have the same last name… but are they family?

1. Jennifer Lopez & Mario Lopez

mario lopez
Credit: Instagram/@mariolopez

Mario is a television actor and host, best known for his role in Saved By the Bell and on the television magazine show, Extra.

Jennifer Lopez
Credit: Instagram/@jlo

Jennifer Lopez is a multi-talented singer, actress, model, television host, celebrity mom and all around bad-ass female.

celebs not related
Credit: Instagram/@jo Instagram/mariolopez

… Sadly, the two aren’t even close to be related. Mario grew up in California while Jennifer’s roots are in the Bronx.

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