The Hottest Father's Day Finds for Dad or Grandpa!

Forget the tie, how about a quick yummy treat from Sherrie’s Berries that not only tastes amazing…  but is guy appropriate with sports covered chocolate dipped strawberries! It’s a perfect way to let dad know you are thinking about him on Father’s Day!









If you’re Dad does happen to be a sports fan or have a favorite team and drinks beer, (who’s doesn’t) then this is an inexpensive but great way to celebrate Dad! The sports Koozie!! All different teams all different sports, just pick his favorite for about $8 bucks!  You can find these plus other sports memorabilia at Football Fanatics





If you want to go more traditional, you can always go for the special razor that Dad wouldn’t get for himself. there are plenty of places to to find these from your local drug store to Bed Bath and Beyond.  They can range anywhere from $40 to $250. You will find something for everyone!




We suggested this for Mom on Mother’s Day, but liked it so much we thought we would bring it back for Father’s Day. It’s not only great for Dad but think of Grandpa too. You are able to remember the day he was born with the New York Times cover as it is saved on these marble coasters.  Keep in mind it does take 5 days to process.







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