The Heavenly Malibu Beach INN

I had the absolute pleasure to stay in Malibu last week, which was actually my first visit to the area.  When I was looking up locations to stay, The Malibu Beach Inn seemed to be the highest rated, so I was excited to experience it.

I am sure most would agree that the experience sometimes begins BEFORE even arriving at the location, and I have to say that my communication with the staff for booking, concierge, etc. was extremely pleasant. Everyone was so polite, helpful, and accommodating.

Although Alexis (my eldest daughter who was assisting me at a work event in Malibu) and I weren’t able to actually check in until really late, we LOVED this Hotel from the moment we parked the car (well, valet, that is).  As soon as we walked into the entrance, there was such a relaxed, nighttime beach vibe, and we could hear and see people on the outdoor/backyard terrace eating, drinking, and enjoying the gorgeous nighttime views of the water.

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GG Benitez

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