The Guncles Celebrate Adoption And Give Back With This New Limited Edition Carrier

Bill Horn and Scout Masterson, more commonly known as ‘The Guncles’ thanks to their friendship with Tori Spelling, are the proud parents of two young children. They welcomed their daughter, 5 year old Simone while being featured on Spelling’s reality show ‘Tori & Dean’ and they also have a 1 year old son named Bosley.  They welcomed both children with the help of the Independant Adoption Centre, which is why they’re giving back.

Horn and Masterson teamed up with baby carrier company LÍLLÉbaby to create a limited edition print baby and doll carrier with all proceeds earned from the sale being donated to the Independent Adoption Centre with LÍLLÉbaby matching that donation. According to the I.A.C.’s facebook page, the funds raised will be used to help adoptive parents with the high cost of legal and medical fees that can often times be more than expected or planned for.


bill and scout masterson "the guncles"

Masterson created the beautiful and colourful design himself using a box of crayons and tells PEOPLE that they use their carrier all the time, ‘It’s much easier to navigate the grocery store, amusement park, or farmers’ market with Bosley in the carrier while Simone holds our hand. Plus, it’s a great way (for all parents) to bond with their child.’

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