The Family Behind the Viral BBC Video Is Just as Shocked Over This as You Are

When I first saw the now viral video of the Professor Dad talking about the South Korean impeachment scandal on BBC, I’ll admit that I thought it was hilariously cute. His little daughter came prancing in like a pint-sized but adorable diva with her curious brother following in her footsteps. And then her mother, full of panic, comes in to masterfully swoop them up, close the door and allow her husband to finish the rest of the video. It was a classic stay-at-home working dad moment that has the entire world talking about just how difficult it is to find that balance between your home life and your professional life.

And now Professor Robert Kelly’s entire family is weighing in on exactly what happened, how they feel about the video going viral and if we’ll be seeing them on television again. To be honest with you, I’m surprised no one has offered them a reality television show yet!

dad kids interrupt live tv
Credit: Screenshot/ Facebook BBC

The family behind the viral BBC video speaks out!

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