The Dark Side Or The Light Side? You Can Now Celebrate Star Wars In Ice Cream Flavors!

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 I’m sure everyone is counting down the days until we see the new Star Wars films in cinemas beginning next week and let me tell you, my husband is absolutely excited because he’s one of the biggest fans of the franchise out there.

And now, along with all of the Star Wars merchandise available in stores out there (you’ve gotten your pair of Wookie slippers already, haven’t you?) we present to you limited-edition Star Wars ice cream. Yes, I don’t care how cold it gets outside, I need this in my life! LOL.

Brought to us by the good people of Ample Hills, on the Light Side, there’s marshmallow ice cream with homemade crispie clusters and cocoa crispies. The Dark Side consists of ultra-dark chocolate with espresso fudge brownies, cocoa crispies, and white chocolate pearls.

The best part is that you can order online and they ship nationwide. For more info, check out their link here.

Source via Ample Hills

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