The Cord Blood Banking Conversation: Real Moms, Real Opinions

The Cord Blood Banking Conversation:

Real Moms, Real Opinions.  Here at Hollywood Hot Moms, we’ve had some lively discussions about a very important pregnancy topic: umbilical cord blood banking . To explain in case you are not aware, cord blood is the blood that remains in your newborn’s umbilical cord after birth. It contains valuable stem cells that can be used in a variety of medical treatments for diseases like leukemia and sickle cell anemia. These cells are also being researched for their ability to treat conditions that have no cure, like autism and cerebral palsy !

Whether she banked for her children, donated the cord blood to a public bank, or opted to throw them out, every mom seems to have something to say on the subject.

To keep the cord blood conversation going, and because of ongoing interest from expecting moms, we asked some popular mom bloggers how cord blood banking played into their birth plans.

The creator of MomAngeles Laura Nix Gerson chose to bank her child’s cord blood at the recommendation of her doctor. “I know that stem cells can be helpful in regenerative medicine and aiding in the treatment of life-threatening diseases. We like having the insurance of banking our child’s cord blood, just in case there is ever a need for it.” She decided on Cord Blood Registry as her bank of choice through a friend. “CBR has been great,” she said.

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