The Best Diet for Hot Moms

The Best Diet for Hot Moms

By: Kate Geagan

Start a green revolution from your kitchen at your next meal. America’s Green Nutritionist (and fellow HMC member) Kate Geagan MS, RD, shows you how to whittle your waist AND your waste with four easy steps, just in time for summer.

The American diet is the SUV of eating styles, and what you eat is as important as what you drive when it comes to your impact on the planet. Eco-licious eating also helps you slim down and boost your energy-a delicious strategy in every sense. While we all know you can buy a hybrid to cut your impact-you can also start eating like one. A 2005 study found that the typical American diet is responsible for emitting more greenhouse gases than the car you drive.

Here are Four Easy Ways to Step Into a Hybrid with you Diet, in a way that’s tasty for the whole family:

1.    Go Vegetarian Until 5 pm.
Packing your diet with plants is one of the most powerful things you can do for your health AND to follow a more eco-friendly diet. According to the UN, livestock accounts for 18% of total GHG emissions worldwide, which is more than even transportation. And a 2008 study found that simply switching one day a week’s worth of red meat and dairy to vegetables will trim more carbon from your diet than buying all locally sourced food.  An added bonus of going veg until 5 pm?  Plant foods like beans, nuts, fruits and veggies will help you slim down quickly while still adding loads of volume to your plate.

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