The Breast Store

The Breast Store

By: Robin Leppert

In this, empowerment, issue Robin shares her story of how sometimes what we think of as empowerment can severely fall short of our expectations. And hopefully, you will find new meaning of the word empowerment – a definition more like self esteem.

Most children employ the use of imaginary friends when a suitable living playmate cannot be found. As an only child, I found myself in the company of such imaginary playmates quite often. In fact, I had an entire imaginary family. We would argue, go grocery shopping, watch television and (my personal favorite), spend endless hours at the “breast” store.

The breast store resembled stadium seating, each row filled with different shapes and sizes of the breasts I would have when I was older. I would hold my imaginary mothers hand as we passed each pair of boobs, deeming some too small, some too big, some too pointy, some too dark, and of course, after an entire day of shopping, we would find just the right pair to bag up and take home. They would be put away in the closet, waiting for the day I hit puberty.

My real mother must have wondered why I had 10 bags of molding oranges in brown paper sacks in the back of my closet at any given time. I was obsessed with having boobs, and this began at a very early age.

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