The Benefits of a Mason Jar Baby Bottle Will Honestly Be Your Next Must Have Item!

mason jar baby bottle

We saw our friends over at the The Glass Baby Bottle share this kickstarter program and we had to share!

Laura and Sebastian Belmar, are parents who were looking for a non plastic option for their babies to drink from. The glass bottles they did find were pretty expensive so they decided to create a prototype of a nontoxic baby bottle using a mason jar.

Their  Kickstarter campaign has raised $14,691 with a goal of $25,000 and is a great option for parents!

benefits of a mason baby jar

The Mason Bottle is the first glass baby bottle designed to work with mason jars. The Mason Bottle makes using glass bottles easier for everyone. It saves families money, time and space, and uses only the healthiest materials.

The wide-mouth of mason jars makes them very easy to clean. You will not need to buy bottle brushes or pipe cleaners. No hard to reach places or tiny spaces here. The Mason Bottle is also top-rack dishwasher safe.

The width of the jars also makes them a natural fit for a baby’s hands. Our son was able to hold his own Mason Bottle even from a young age, shown here at 7 months.

In addition to saving money on bottles, Mason Bottle also helps parents save money on milk storage.

Right now, most parents have to buy milk storage bags for extra breastmilk. These bags are messy and single use.

By using mason jars instead, there’s one less thing to buy, one less thing to spill and one less thing to throw away!

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