The Beauty of Signature Gifts

If you’ve read my blog you know that I’m all about finding ways to make life more authentic while at the same time easier on you and easier on the planet. My strategy towards gift-giving is no different. Which is why I have 3 “signature” gifts that get me through most of the year. What’s a signature gift you ask? To me, it’s a gift that you enjoy giving and that reflects part of who you are that can be re-purposed again and again (meaning you can give it to many different people.) Of course, a good gift should also be appreciated by the recipient and be useful (in my mind, if it’s not useful, what’s the point.)

I personally love to cook, so my three signature gifts revolve around food. The really cool unexpected part of giving signature gifts is that once you get a reputation for giving them, people start looking forward to them. For instance: as soon as December 1st rolls around my friends start asking me when they’ll be receiving my signature Christmas cookies. For many of my friends, my cookies have become a part of their own holiday tradition and that is very satisfying. Plus, by giving something that I make I can ensure that I’m not harming the environment by giving it. Also, it takes a TON of stress out of gift-giving because I don’t have to think about buying 30-thoughtful-perfect gifts every holiday season. I can save that stress for birthdays, which at least are spread out through-out the year.

So here are my 3 signature gifts that get me through the year:

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