The Beautiful Story Behind This Viral Thanksgiving Note Will Make Your Day!

Thanksgiving is a time that we should all take time to help someone in need and the owner of a local restaurant in George’s Senate Coney Island, Michigan just left the most beautiful note on his window. He has had a yearly tradition to offer a free meal to anyone spending the holiday alone and this year his thoughtful gesture went viral when Reddit user Rhymingisfun uploaded a photo  online.

At 23 George, the restaurant owner, came to the US from Greece. At 12 years old he was  homeless he told WILX News 10 and had to ask others for food. He’s always loved paying it forward to his customers for years now: “It makes my heart feel good to do it, and help a little bit,” George said.

George has received over 27 million views!  Happy Thanksgiving!




thanksgiving dinner


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