Pregnant Mom’s Friends Set A ‘No Thank-You Notes’ Policy At Her Shower

The Move Has Generated Plenty of Conversation and Debate About the Practice

See, now this is an idea I can get behind! I appreciate thank-you notes. Honestly, I really do. I know that they’re considered good etiquette, and I can respect that. For birthdays and bridal showers, I’m all over it. But there are some situations where a thank-you card might be required, but not sending one should absolutely be excused. Like baby showers, for example. When you get together and shower a mom-to-be with love and gifts, the guest of honor typically opens the gifts at the shower and thanks everyone in person. So is a thank-you card even necessary? Not to mention, once the shower is over, the pregnant woman has to, you know, finish growing a human, birth it, and then go home with a newborn. She’s got a lot on her plate.

One pregnant woman’s friends did her a major solid at her shower. Right before Laura Turner started opening her gifts, one of the attendee’s asked if they could give the gift of NO thank-you notes. Brilliant, right?! Well, Laura tweeted out the sweet gesture, and man oh man do people have some strong feelings about thank-you notes!

The debate around to thank-you note or not is one I was not expecting to be so heated!

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