An App Stole Tess Holliday’s Image to Make Her Look Thinner, And She Is Not Happy

Not A Good Move

    For those of you who don’t know Tess Holliday is a plus size model and body positivity advocate. Holliday has long struggled with her own body issues openly and honestly on social media.

    The model welcomed her second child, son Bowie Juniper Holliday in 2016 and openly spoke about her body issues post baby. Most of us could relate because no matter what size you are, pregnancy changes everything! Holliday has always been open and honest with her fans and followers. She advocates for body positivity and acceptance and never tries to be someone she isn’t.

    Tess Holliday’s Instagram is full of gorgeous pictures of the model. She posts candid selfies alongside professional model photos. There are no makeup pictures and serious glam shots. While many of us may have facetune downloaded on our phones (how am I just hearing about this!?) and filter our photos before posting, Holliday is always the real deal.

    Which is why is was so shocking when a photo editing app used the plus size model’s pictures to promote their product. Not only did they use her pictures without permission, but they used her pictures to photoshop her skinny!

    Tess Holliday is not here for any of that body shaming business, and she let her followers know!


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