This Terrifying Video Proves Why Your Big Kid Still Needs a Booster Seat

If your kid fights you, remember this.

When you become a parent you sign up for doing what you need to in order to keep your kids safe. Sometimes this means having to take a lot longer to get things done, read up on better sleep methods, and fighting with kids over a booster seat when they’re in the car. It’s annoying, trust, I know, and yet it’s really important.

There are a lot of strict rules when it comes to car seats and booster seats for a reason. Sadly, there are so many big injuries children and babies can get if they’re not in the right seat and that’s why it’s important to make sure you know of all the safety requirements. The problem with that is that often those minimum requirements are not easy to follow. Several are written up with less than easy to follow language and that often makes the rules misunderstood.

But, if we know anything it’s that these rules, while totally annoying and can make our lives slightly more challenging, they are very important. Rules aren’t just made out of thin air and there to annoy us, but they’re done after loads of research and legitimately wanting to keep babies and kids safe.

A new video has gone viral recently which shows just how serious these rules are when it comes to booster seats. Our older kids often want to be like adults and don’t want to be seen as little and to them, booster seats and car seats are something for babies.

If your older child is giving you a hard time about still needing their booster seat, show them this terrifying video and you’ll both realize how important it is.

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Devan McGuinness

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