Teenage Girls Survival Guide

By: Richard M Dudum

sleeping teenTeenage Girls Survival Guide Chapter 19: You Didn’t Enter This World With A How-To Manual.

When you were born, you didn’t come with a manual.

For a parent, a manual would be very handy.

We, as parents, don’t always know the right answer. We don’t always know when you should or shouldn’t be allowed to go out or do certain things. We’re not always sure how late you should stay out. In most circumstances, your parents are doing their best to raise you the right way and to teach you right from wrong. But we need help from up.

If you see things happening at home that you disagree with, please help us out. Consider being the adult taht you want your parents to be. Try to stay calm, focused, and take the initiative. Talk to us. Keep talking to us. Sometimes we can be stubborn. Sometimes we don’t listen as well as we should. Sometimes we jump to conclusions. Sometimes we need help, too. Don’t give up on us.

Try to explain to us what you want us to know. Use your words and communiations skills. Make your point clear. Speak with authority. Don’t whine or pout. It will get you absolutely no where. Use the approach and tone of voice that you want us to use when we speak with you. Don’t expect immediate results, but keep in mind that the more you use this approach, the sooner we will understand and respect your words and thoughts.

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