Teen Stages Photo Shoot Dressing Up Little Brother as Pennywise, the Clown From ‘It’

If you grew up during the time when Stephen King’s book, It, was first developed into a movie, then you’re well aware of the terror that this clown evokes just when the name is whispered. It’s true though, there’s nothing really scarier (especially if you have a fear of clowns), than this seemingly innocent character.

Then earlier this year whenever we found out that the movie would be re-done to further scare a completely new generation, we were all reminded of the terror of our childhood all over again. With the movie finally hitting movie theaters this weekend, a teenager decided that it would be funny to dress up his little brother like Pennywise the clown and took some…ahem…sweet photos.

Yup, they will scare your pants off.

Credit: Instagram/  @eag2n

See how this teen’s photo shoot turned out!

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Allison Cooper

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