Teen Mom Went Out Partying For A Week And Came Home To Find Her Baby “Wasted Away”

Warning: the details are really upsetting.

There are a lot of news stories that are really hard to hear and this is one of them. Becoming a parent is really hard work. You are sacrificing a whole lot of things you want to do — at least for the time being. Because someone else needs you and you are responsible for those needs, it’s an important thing. The biggest job there is. Being a parent can be even harder when you start stacking on extra challenges. Like being a teen mom, or a single parent, or a parent of a child with complicated needs. Those parents usually have extra stresses on top of an already stressful job of raising a child.

The life of a teen mom has been a little more in the open over the past few years. Because of the TV show Teen Moms on MTV we are able to see a glimpse into what life is like for so many moms. Those new moms are all young — usually around 16-years-old when they bring a babe into the world. I’m not sure how completely accurate the show is, it definitely can’t be a good judge on what every single teen mom’s life is like. But the show has started conversations. It shows the challenges that a teen mom can have.

And while is is certainly no walk in the part, what this teen mom is reported to have done to her baby is devastating, heartbreaking — but it happened.

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Devan McGuinness

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