Teen Crashes Car While Reaching for Phone, Mom Puts the Totaled Car on Display

If there’s one epidemic that I wish we could control, it’s distracted driving. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen other people texting or using their cell phones while on the road. And I’m not just talking about people who text at red lights and stop signs – but those who are FaceTiming and using their phone while in the driver’s seat of a car. Each and every time I see it, I feel like rolling down my window and just screaming at the driver (which I’m sure won’t wouldn’t help but that’s just angry I get).

Fortunately, there are people who get it. And that’s mostly because they have had a family member of close one suffer after making the wrong decisions from behind the wheel. In fact, one mother is sharing a very powerful message after her teenage son nearly died in a horrific car crash while he was trying to reach for his cell phone. Here’s what happened.

distracted driver
Credit: Shutterstock/Syda Productions

Instead of pulling off the road, here’s what he did.

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