Forget The Tablet: Kids Want Toys For The Holidays, Not Technology

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I know, you’re probably thinking the same thing I’m thinking: I just put my Halloween decorations up yesterday, and I’m already being forced to think about Christmas. It’s crazy to think that it’s only seven short weeks away!

Well, with Thanksgiving (and Black Friday) right around the corner, many people are already thinking about their children’s gift wish lists. The good news about this year is that kids are actually asking for toys again, rather than gaming consoles like the X-Box or a playstation like in years past.

According to the Daily Mail, Star Wars, Shopkins, Legos, and role-playing games are making a HUGE comeback and honestly, I love it.

Alan Simpson, chairman of the Toy Retailers Association, said, “In the past you have had a lot of electronics such as X-Boxes and Playstation games, but I think kids are moving away from that and back into toys with good play value. One of the lego sets we have in the top 12 is designed for 9-14 year-olds, and if you had told parents just a few years ago their 14-year-old children were playing with lego they would think something was wrong with you.”

He added, “I think one of the reasons we have seen this change is that it is easier to incorporate technology into these toys. They are simple and effective. Often, it’s the very simplest of things that work because they just grab the kids’ attention. It is almost like going back to the custard pie and Charlie Chaplin days with technology, brought into the modern day.”

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