Teacher Writes Blunt Letter Blaming Parents for Kids Failing at School

I’m the kind of parent that is always on my child’s teacher’s side. I worked on-and-off as a substitute teacher for several years and let me tell you, teaching has to be one of the toughest jobs on this planet. You’re responsible for at least 20 kids that are not yours and everything you say or do in the classroom can impact a student later in life. I mean, could you imagine taking care of 20 kids everyday on your end? A lot of us would end up going nuts if that were the case.

That’s why a retired teacher’s poignant yet pretty straight-forward letter has hit a nerve with a lot of parents. She says that when it comes to a child’s academic failure, it’s not the school’s fault, but the parent’s! And while a lot of people agree with her, others say this isn’t always the case.

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Should you blame teachers for your child’s failure?

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