This Epic Teacher Rant Calls Out Coddling Parents And Disrespectful Students

Not a good look, teacher.

    Teachers really do have the hardest job in the world. They spend their careers teaching kids, molding their minds and shaping their futures. I have the utmost respect for teachers, and it’s amazing what they’re able to do! Especially considering that much of the time, they don’t have the support they need. Schools are terribly underfunded everywhere, and teachers aren’t paid what they’re worth. But they power on, because it’s the students that suffer the most.

    When someone dedicates their life to teaching, they’re dedicating their life to essentially raising hundreds of kids that aren’t theirs. That is a noble path to take. But some teachers are getting fed up with the disrespect they get from students AND parents. This teacher rant on Facebook highlights some of the issues they face.

    Julie Marburger is a 6th grade teacher in Texas. That’s got to be a tough grade and age group to teach. The kids are still still, but close to their teen years, and just a stone’s throw from adulthood. There’s a lot of attitude, a lot fo changes happening, and it can make teaching difficult. Julie says that after just two years, she’s become so disillusioned with teaching that she’s leaving the profession. She says the students, their parents, and the lack of support from administrators are to blame.

    Teachers need support, and they’re not getting it!

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