Teacher punches student

Well you don’t see this everyday. A  Hernando County art teacher was caught on video punching one of her high school students in the face. YIKES! Yet all charges have been dropped against her.

Sandra Hadsock , 64, had been teaching for 21 years at at Hernando’s Central High School where last year was rewarded Teacher of the Year.  Don’t think that will be a title she will carry anymore. Sandra said she reacted out of self defense. After looking at the video myself, and being a big believer in self defense, I personally don’t know if I agree with her actions. I’m sure this “kid” wasn’t an easy teach, however, I viewed her backed up against the DOOR, hello, the door to exit, to get him out or walk to principal office and get him expelled for his beyond foul language and threatening body manner. She had also mentioned that this was the second incident that day with the student. Why did she not sent to principal the first time he got mouthy?  This is the kind of thing to take seriously immediately! If there is no respect, get him out, period!

What do you all think? Did she do the right thing or not? Watch for yourself   http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/43294291/ns/today-today_people/t/teacher-who-punched-student-i-had-defend-myself/

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