Teacher Under Firestorm After Requesting Students Use Gender-Neutral Language

As a parent, I try to be very accommodating and helpful when it comes to my children’s teachers. After all, they are people who are very important in my children’s lives and often spend more time with them during the week than I do. Seeing how my kids spend about 6-7 hours a day at school, I trust that their teacher is doing his or her best job to give my kids the education they deserve.

But what would you do if a teacher would send home a letter asking your children to refer to them as “Mix” rather than Mr. or Mrs . and ask that they use general neutral pronouns in the class? Well, that’s exactly what happened at a school in Tallahassee, Florida this week. And now parents are p*ssed.

Credit: Shutterstock/arrowsmith2

See the letter here!

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