A Science Teacher Accidentally Proved A Girl’s Dad Isn’t Her Real Father


Sometimes kids are left in the dark over things in their lives that are important. Parents make the decision to let kids know what they need to at the time. Sometimes that decision turns out to be for the best and other times it ends up backfiring and you have to pick up the pieces. A teacher recently found this out after a lesson in biology left one of the students with a lot of questions.

Understanding your biology is really complicated at times. Figuring out the whole genes and half come from mom and half from dad can lead to some really interesting discussions. When we have a baby we often go over which features looks like which parent. Who did the blue eyes come from? Why does the baby have a cute dimple in their chin? But there are plenty of things at play that we can’t see that come from those half from mom half from dad DNA.

A science lesson at school led to the accidental discovery that one student’s dad isn’t really their biological father. Thanks to breaking down these genes and it rocked the boat, to say the least. At first the student didn’t believe the teacher… then she asked her mom who finally told the truth.

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Devan McGuinness

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