Taylor Swift Donates $10k To Help Pay For Service Dog For Young Boy With Autism

I’ll admit it, I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan. Not only do I love her music and think she puts on one heck of a concert, but she seems to be a genuinely nice person who realizes that her wealth and fame can be used for more than just self satisfaction and personal gain.

If you want a refresher of all the great things Taylor has done for her fans, you can read about that time she visited a young fan with cancer, or maybe that time she donated books to NYC schools in need, or even the time she made a young girl with cancer’s birthday dream come true. And still Taylor continues to use her fame and fortune to help those in need.

Recently, Susan Garcia created a GoFundMe page for her grandson Jacob Hill. The 5 year old has Autism and his family worries that because of Autism Jacob could find himself in danger.

“At first glance, he appears just like any other rambunctious little boy.  However, in just a little while, you’ll notice that Jacob struggles to verbalize his wants and needs well.  He not only has difficulty following commands, he has no sense of danger and is prone to wandering.”



Fortunately, Jacob’s parents discovered the Autism Service Dogs of America program and Jacob was accepted in to the program. However that program also comes with a hefty price tag and a dog won’t be available for training until the payment is made in full.

“The cost of training a dog for almost two years to become a certified service dog, who will accompany Jacob everywhere, including school, is $13,500.  The program will not begin this training until the money is raised. “



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